PaySupreme MC Apply Site

The paySupreme Card is a fast, safe and easy way to receive your funds each payday. 

If you choose the paySupreme Card as your payment method, you must create a card account through this website. 

Start by creating your card account on this website.

After reviewing the disclosure links below and clicking "Continue", you will provide the information necessary to create your card account. 


You will receive your card in 7 - 10 business days. 


A couple things before you start....
Please open and review the information set forth below. You must open each link before you can proceed. 

Pre-Acquisition Disclosure - A summary document reflecting key fees and other information.
Fee Schedule, Cardholder Agreement & Privacy Policy - A list of all applicable fees, and the card's terms and conditions.
By selecting "Continue" I agree to the terms & conditions of the cardholder agreement.